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De monti castle

Castel del Monte is a medieval and Renaissance hill town and comune in the province of L'Aquila in northern AbruzzoItaly. Located in the heart of the Gran Sasso mountain range, the town is set into a steep hillside nestled beneath mountain peaks near the high plain of Campo Imperatore. Castel del Monte sits opposite the ancient mountaintop fortress of Rocca Calascio and faces Monte Sirente in the distance.

The first evidence of human settlement are artifacts from the 11th century BC discovered in the valley beneath Castel del Monte and believed to be from an ancient necropolis. This town was later abandoned after the fall of the Western Roman Empireand replaced by the fortified town of Ricetto in what is now the oldest part of Castel del Monte.

Inthe Counts of Aquaviva took possession of the town. Init passed to Alessandro Sforza and a short time later to the Piccolominis.

Inforces loyal to Spain plundered Castel del Monte because of the town's allegiance to France. The Medici, who governed the baronage for over a century-and-a-half, left their imprint on Castel del Monte. Among the Medici legacies to the town is the construction of Chiesa "Matrice" di San Marco inwhose tower is one of the dominant architectural features of Castel del Monte; the painting of St.

de monti castle

The town's massive defensive walls, largely formed by "wall houses", and its great gates, were also completed under this period of Medici rule. The village became part of Italy in According to the Istituto Nazionale di Statistica the Italian Statistical InstituteCastel del Monte's resident population on December 31, was just [5] well below the town's population in earlier centuries. Until recent times, Castel del Monte's economic wellbeing has been tied to sheep farming.

Between the 12th century and 16th century, the area was one of the most prolific wool producers in Europe. This prosperity continued until the end of the Transhumancean annual sheep drive south to Apulia, which ceased in the s. Though Castel del Monte continued to produce wool, pecorino cheese and lamb, the economy never recovered to its pres level and the town's population steadily declined.

This population decline accelerated in the second half of the 20th century when significant numbers of Castel del Monte's residents migrated to Walloniamany to work in its coal mines. In recent years, former residents who emigrated to French-speaking countries and their children have been returning to Castel del Monte with more frequency for vacations and, in some cases, to retire.

Tourism is central to Castel del Monte's economic hopes. The absence of economic development in the 20th century meant there was little new construction in Castel del Monte within the past years. As a result, most structures in Castel del Monte are several centuries old, and many are little changed from the Middle Ages or Renaissance. The creation of Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga inwhich Castel del Monte lies entirely within, assures that the land surrounding the town will remain forever wild, thus preserving Castel del Monte in a near pristine state.

Castel del Monte's biggest tourist event is La Notte delle Streghe or The Night of the Witchesan annual event for which the town is well known. Held in mid-August, thousands visit the town for the late-night spectacle where the entire historic district serves as a stage for residents who play the roles of townspeople and witches in a folk drama in the local dialect known as "Castellano".

The town has also been recognized by the Slow Food movement for its sustainable agriculture, in particular its canestrato cheese. Castel del Monte is the principal location of The Americana suspense filmreleased September 1,directed by Anton Corbijn.

The film's central character "Jack", played by George Clooneyholes up in Castel Del Monte hoping to escape from his past. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Castel del Monte disambiguation.When the Emperor had the castle built, he created a symbol which was of much significance, reflected in the layout, shape and the location of the castle.

Castel del Monte is located on a small hill close to the Santa Maria del Monte monastery, near the town of Andria. Castel del Monte is a perfect example of medieval architecture but also contains various elements from different cultures, which is why it was included as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The castle has been quite used and abused in recent centuries and its interior has been completely despoiled. Even with its colorful history, Castel del Monte is considered to be one of the best castles in Puglia. The construction of Castel del Monte stretched over a decade.

Unfortunately, the construction of the castle was only completed inthe year the Emperor died. Although he had been the founder of the castle, it is believed that Frederick II never spent a night here.

It is believed the castle was initially conceived as a hunting lodge. Castel del Monte is a beautiful example of well executed architecture of the High Middle Ages.

Not only that, various craftsmen and skilled experts of Saracen and Norman origins had also been employed for the construction of the castle. However, what is perplexing about it is that there is no draw bridge or a moat, which suggests that the castle might not have been built for a defensive purpose at all.

The main walls of the castle are 25 meters high and the towers are 26 meters high. Castel del Monte. Many scholars and locals consider the castle to be a sacred and mysterious monument.

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What is certain is that the castle has some very unique features: its overall shape, to begin with, which is quite unusual.

Its floors are connected by grand staircases located within its towers. The center of the castle has a beautiful courtyard with eight sides.

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It is believed that the octagon is a symbol representing the union of the earth and the sky. The interior had been stripped of its various precious sculptures, furnishings and marbles and had become a refuge for bandits and local rebels.

Later on, it was also used as a prison and as a refuge during a plague that hit the region. At last, it was purchased for 25, lire by the local government inbut the restoration work had only begun in Castel del Monte has been considered to be one of the most interesting examples of medieval military architecture, as well as one of the most important castles in Italy.

The castle continues to attract tourists from all over Italy and even from other parts of the world and it remains a mystical and interesting place for scholars as well as locals. Entrance to Castel del Monte. Towers of the Castel del Monte. Notify of.The Castle in Corigliano Calabro, in the province of Cosenza, is one of those buildings where history has multiplied beauty.

Originally built in the 11th century, when the Normans fought the Byzantine rulers in Southern Italy, the fortress expanded in the first half of the s thanks to the powerful Sanseverino family. In the 15th century, the castle was renovated and its architecture took on the typical features of the Aragonese style; the structure was further altered in the 17th century by the Saluzzo family, and in the 19th century by the Compagna family.

In the splendid Hall of the Mirrors, where the rampant lion of the Compagna family dominates the scene, a painter from Monopoli — Ignazio Perricci — was called to decorate the ceiling; he worked with infinite grace, making this place extraordinary.

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Read more. It was built by will of Giuseppe Giordano Apostoli inin Its short, Most Read. About Contacts.When the Emperor Frederick II built this castle near Bari in the 13th century, he imbued it with symbolic significance, as reflected in the location, the mathematical and astronomical precision of the layout and the perfectly regular shape. A unique piece of medieval military architecture, Castel del Monte is a successful blend of elements from classical antiquity, the Islamic Orient and north European Cistercian Gothic.

Toen keizer Frederik II van Hohenstaufen dit kasteel in de buurt van Bari bouwde in de 13e eeuw, doordrenkte hij het met symboliek. Dit blijkt uit de locatie, de wiskundige en astronomische precisie van het ontwerp en de perfect regelmatige vorm. Het kasteel ligt 29 kilometer ten zuiden van Barletta in de gemeente Andria, op een rotspunt die het omliggende landschap domineert.

Het kasteel is gebouwd in een regelmatige achthoek rond een binnenplaats, met in elke hoek een achthoekige toren. Castel del Monte, located in the municipality of Andria, rises on a rocky hill dominating the surrounding countryside of the Murgia region in southern Italy near the Adriatic Sea. A unique piece of medieval architecture, it was completed in As a leader of modern humanism, the Germanic Emperor brought scholars together in his court from throughout the Mediterranean, combining Eastern and Western traditions.

Interior features reflect Eastern influences, such as the innovative hydraulic installation used by Frederick II for bathing in accord to the typical Arabic customs. The site is of outstanding universal value in its formal perfection and its harmonious blending of cultural elements from northern Europe, the Muslim world and classical antiquity. Castel del Monte is a unique masterpiece of medieval architecture, reflecting the humanist ideas of its founder, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen.

Criterion i : Given its formal perfection and harmonious blending of cultural elements from northern Europe, the Muslim world and classical antiquity, Castel del Monte is a unique masterpiece of medieval military architecture which reflects the humanist ideas of its founder, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen.

Criterion ii : Inseparably linked to Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, the building of Castel del Monte illustrates the cosmopolitan spirit of the Emperor who brought together Greek, Arab, Italian and Jewish scholars to his court in Palermo.

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This designates him as one of the precursors of the modern humanists. The integrity of the site has been protected, in part, due to the fact that the castle has not undergone any significant structural alteration. Marble and mosaic interior decorative elements, however, have deteriorated and in many cases been removed.

The perimeter of the property includes the castle, which rises solitarily on top of its hill, and an immense protected area around the castle that is subject to landscape protection and provides an effective buffer zone.

Taken together, the two areas fully represent the exceptional nature of the site, some characteristics being monumental in type and in excellent state of preservation, while others are more percipient and, considered alongside the physical setting, ensure the overall integrity. Castel del Monte has been subjected to almost no structural alteration, which has allowed it to maintain authenticity in a number of principle areas.

Its original octagonal form and interior design have been retained.

de monti castle

In terms of construction materials, the exterior limestone block construction is intact while the interior has been degraded by the removal or decay of its marble and mosaic decoration. Additionally two original sculptures are in the Bari Picture Gallery. However, there have been few later interventions.

Conservation work since has been of good quality and consistent with Italian standards. Therefore the authenticity of the monument is high.

The monument was acquired by the Italian State in and is protected under several State laws. The landscape of a large area around the castle, which coincides with the buffer zone 10, It also carries out appropriate conservation work, the scale and nature of which depends upon available financial resources.

About us www. Help preserve sites now! Join theMembers. Search Advanced. By Properties. Cultural Criteria: i ii iii iv v vi Natural Criteria: vii viii ix x. Category Cultural Natural Mixed. All With videos With photo gallery.Medieval castle it was radically restructured and enlarged between and by Giovan Battista de' Monti that the adapted to the needs of war and the principles of the military art of the time using the local craftsmen.

It is entirely surrounded by a moat and develops on a square plan with angles of which engage four massive circular towers; these was entrusted with the greater effectiveness of the entire defensive system, as denote the numerous gunboat that open along the sides in correspondence of the internal fire barriers arranged on the ground floor and first floor. Each tower has the heraldry of the de' Monti accompanied by allegorical depictions of the four cardinal virtues and the bas-reliefs of as many saints under whose protection is placed each tower.

Looking at the main facade, the tower on the left is entitled to Saint Michael the Archangel whose effigy is flanked by the allegory of the fortress; the tower on the right is dedicated to Sant'Antonio Abate at which is flanked, even if now practically cleared for the erosion of the stone material, the allegory of temperance. Other towers are entitled to San Giorgio and San Giovanni Battista, whose reliefs are respectively associated with the allegorical depictions of prudence and justice.

Castel del Monte, Andria

Failed its original defensive function that certainly remained of primary importance for the whole of the Sixteenth Century, to half of the Seventeenth Century the castle was adapted, in accordance with the fashion of the time, for aesthetic requirements and representativeness of the family of the feudal lord. He endowed her also the new main facade of a balcony overhanging delimited by an elegant balustrade in pietra leccese richly decorated with friezes, fantastic animals and floral motifs in the center of which made studded the arms of their ancestral houses.

The baroque facade placed in correspondence with the bridge of access is the work of of local maestranze directed by Mastro coriglianese Francesco Manuli. The most complete online resource about Italian villages. Via Ferrovia, 1, Corigliano d'Otranto Lecce. Castle, fortress. Sleep, eat, buy Where to sleep Where to eat Where to shop Services. Hotel Salento and Noviera restaurant are located in the village of Specchia, the heart of the Sal Strada Provinciale per Miggiano, km 1, n.

Fromfor three centuries a country casino, and today, a small farmhouse inserted in a certi Entirely made with stones and tuffs of the place is a testimony of the ancient peasant civilizati Via Madonna di Fatima -Tricase Lecce Via del Balzo, 26 -Galatina Lecce 7.

Vittorio Monti (1868-1922) : Czardas, pour violon et orchestre (1904)

Corso Garibaldi, 7 -Otranto Lecce Via Nepole, 1 -Morciano di Leuca Lecce Via Roma, -Presicce Lecce With the patronage of:. Follow us:.

de monti castle

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For a fantastic 5 star experience overlooking the whole of Pretoria, I would definitely recommend Castello di Monte. Best luxury accommodation in Pretoria by far.Read more. Lake Como, in Lombardy, enchants visitors with its gorgeous harmony of nature and culture. Bellagio is without a doubt one of the most fascinating Possagno is a tiny town at the feet of Monte Grappa, near Treviso, overlooked by an imposing neoclassical temple that stands in the countryside.

A crown of rock resting on a hill at metres above sea level, overlooking the western Murge plateau in Puglia. Considered universally a genius example of medieval architecture, the castle unites different style elementsfrom the Romanesque cut of the lions at the entrance to the Gothic cornice of the towers, to the classic art of the interior decorations to the defensive structure of architecture to the delicate Islamic refinements of its mosaics.

The fortress was created according to an extreme geometric and mathematical rigour. The octagonal plan design and the number eight recur almost in an obsessive manner: there are eight rooms on the ground floor and first floor and there are eight imposing towers, the plan is obviously in an octagonal shape, distributed over each of the eight corners. It is believed that in the interior courtyard there was a pool also in an octagonal shape. The position of the castle was studied in such a way as to create particular light and shadow effects during specific times of the year, as on the days of the solstice and of the equinox.

Everything, basically, seems to be made precisely to suggest symbolisms which have been fascinating researchers for centuriesleaving visitors with a sensation of pleasant mystery. The main gate shows, from the bottom towards the top, an arch in Arab style, a gable in Grecian-Roman style, double-arched windows in Gothic style. The interior, with its high cross or barrel vaults, now seems bare of the decorations which embellished it in the past, as shown by the marble and mosaic remains which in great part have disappeared over centuries of neglect and vandalism.

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The two floors of the castle are connected internally in the towers by spiral staircases in a counter-clockwise sense, contrary to the other defensive constructions of the era. Given the lack of halls, several scholars believe that in the past, on the first floor, there was an internal gallery which provide independent access to the rooms. Particularly interesting is the plumbing system for collecting and distributing rain water, of Oriental origins. Its rooms, some have observed, seem to be designed as if to have to use a mandatory itinerary in order to move from one to the other, a connection to astronomical symbolisms.

The octagonal shape, according to others, calls to mind the geometry of a crown, to represent the imperial power with which Frederick II was appointed. Discover more by visiting www.

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de monti castle

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